So sick and tired of hearing talk about baseball and the gym I’m about to loose it. So done

The women drives me absolutely insane… And he tells me all the time I’m part of the family… I have always know that wasn’t true only to him I understand wanting a family dinner but something is just always going on the excludeds me specifically

Lol you start hanging out and you change into a different person I’m so glad

The one person who’s given me comfort and shown me love I feel like I’m loosing how do you continue a love when everyone is against it and more importantly how do you continue a love when you are the only one fighting to keep it.

not really sure why people say the want to be a just like people who are terrible human beings… Choose someone who actually is nice and isn’t fake! OR BE YOURSELF

So excited to see your face. Jk still gunna be ugly af

Get the fuck over yourself and stop letting your insecurities show how ugly you really are!

Love when I go to lunch with friends… And they say absolutely nothing to me

Idk how you call people fake on the daily when you are the fakes bitch out there?!

I can’t even look at you with absolutely wanting to throw up.